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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the book about?

Let’s Chat About Economics introduces and illustrates the basic principles through familiar scenarios. Together, children and adults learn about supply, demand, opportunity costs, diminishing returns and other terms while reading about a visit to the grocery store, planning a family trip, summertime spending and saving, and wanting the newest technology gadget.

  • How old does a child need to be to understand the book?

Let’s Chat About Economics was written to be read aloud and shared between elementary-age children and adults although we think the book can be used to facilitate discussions with all ages. Before the book was published, the manuscript was featured in a pilot program teaching the basic principles to eighth graders who discovered they had a lot to chat about.

  • Do you provide definitions for the economic terms?

Economic terms are bolded, underlined and explained in the context of the story. Additionally, a glossary is provided in the back of the book for reference.

  • Why did you decide to write Let’s Chat About Economics?

After seeing Dr. Laffer speak in Detroit, MI in late 2012, Michelle Balconi continued the economic conversation with her family that night over dinner and then researched books to keep the conversation going. While Michelle found several creative books about business and investing, she did not find a book explaining the basic principles. Soon after, she contacted Dr. Laffer with an idea and together they decided to write Let’s Chat About Economics.