A Must Read!

Art Laffer and Michelle Balconi masterfully share the importance of economic principles through familiar life experiences and charming illustrations. It's a must read for the young people in your life!

Callista Gingrich, author of the New York Times best-selling Ellis the Elephant series

Loved it!

I read this with my first grader. I loved the simple explanation of the concepts and how they came to life through a series of stories. He loved the illustrations and was intrigued by the choices the children made in each chapter. After we finished the first chapter, he explained supply and demand to his dad -- and he got it right! Thank you, Michelle, for helping me to start a conversation with my child about these important concepts.

Julie R., San Diego, Calif.

Valuable Resource

As a mother of five I am very aware of the importance of economics in running a household.  It is important to me that my children understand economic principles early as a foundation for adulthood.  Let's Chat About Economics is a valuable resource that teaches these basic economic principles in a manner that is both entertaining and can easily be understood by young children.  The book effectively presents real life situations to which any child can relate to their own life experiences.  What child hasn't wanted to travel to exciting places during school vacation or wanted a new expensive product?  It is important for that child to understand that there is much to consider when making these decisions.  Thank you for providing an in-depth look into making financially wise choices which will allow you to maximize your happiness.

- Gail H., MA

Realistic Examples With Basic Principles

I truly enjoyed reading your book. The realistic examples that you used to explain the basic principles of economics, would serve as an excellent way for parents and educators to begin exposing children to these concepts at an early age. This book will allow children to learn how important economic choices can be, without them realizing that they are being taught a lesson. The vivid illustrations allow parents to begin using this book with children of all ages.

- Michelle C., NY

Very Accessible

Finally, Balconi and Laffer offer a book that builds a bridge between parents and children about a vital, but often daunting, topic – economics. Let’s Chat About Economics is very accessible; the storytelling mode is appealing to both children and adults. I predict that parents will learn as much about functional economics as their children do and that their futures will be the better for it.    

- Marilyn Bishop Shaw
  author of Solomon

Easy To Relate To

LCAE allows families to discuss the often overwhelming topic of economics in easy to understand stories. Each section tackles important terminology (like supply, demand, wages, taxes, etc.) in stories that not only define the terms, but also illustrate how they apply using modern-day examples. I particularly liked how each chapter covered a topic that kids could relate to and that the book could easily be used in a school or home setting.  

- Kristen S., VT

Good For the Whole Family

A great introduction to economic concepts every family member can relate to and understand. Wonderful illustrations!

- Ellen B., MA

Easy to Read

This is an excellent book. It is easy to read and has a great message. I read the book with our six year old. She was able to follow many of the concepts. I wish we had started something like this with our older ones. I will be recommending it to our local elementary schools as a must!

- Michelle V., TX

Helps Open a Dialogue

LCAE was fantastic! What a great way to open up a dialogue with children regarding the choices they make and the impact of those decisions. I found the book interesting, educational and easy to read.

- Lori N., AZ

Great for Children and Adults

LCAE is an exceptional and practical introduction to economics for families with children.   And it might not be only the children that learn something new – want versus need for one example!  Wonderfully done on every level.

- Jenifer Ruff
  author of Everett

A Wonderful Resource!

LCAE is a great resource to help prepare children for responsible decision-making. With easy to understand terms and real-life scenarios, this book is a valuable tool for both parents and kids alike!

- Carol W., MA