Learn why and how to chat with the children in your life about economics to empower decision making.

Grandma and Grandpa are coming for a family feast. A trip to the grocery store reveals lessons about supply, demand, costs and price. 

While the kids are dreaming up a tropical vacation, Mom chats about trade-offs, opportunity costs and diminishing returns.

Being free for the summer means relaxing and having fun … as well as savings, allowance, incentives, disincentives and taxes!

Mom and Dad are considering a new car, while their daughter is focused on her favorite boy band’s new album release. A family yard sale teaches a lesson about wants vs. needs, choices and elasticity.

Each chapter creatively displays an economic lesson with a beautifully illustrated graph – no graph paper required!

Finally, Balconi and Laffer offer a book that builds a bridge between parents and children about a vital, but often daunting, topic – economics. Let’s Chat About Economics is very accessible; the storytelling mode is appealing to both children and adults. I predict that parents will learn as much about functional economics as their children do and that their futures will be the better for it.

Marilyn Bishop Shaw