Learn why and how to chat with the children in your life about economics to empower decision making.

Grandma and Grandpa are coming for a family feast. A trip to the grocery store reveals lessons about supply, demand, costs and price. 

While the kids are dreaming up a tropical vacation, Mom chats about trade-offs, opportunity costs and diminishing returns.

Being free for the summer means relaxing and having fun … as well as savings, allowance, incentives, disincentives and taxes!

Mom and Dad are considering a new car, while their daughter is focused on her favorite boy band’s new album release. A family yard sale teaches a lesson about wants vs. needs, choices and elasticity.

Each chapter creatively displays an economic lesson with a beautifully illustrated graph – no graph paper required!

LCAE allows families to discuss the often overwhelming topic of economics in easy to understand stories. Each section tackles important terminology (like supply, demand, wages, taxes, etc.) in stories that not only define the terms, but also illustrate how they apply using modern-day examples. I particularly liked how each chapter covered a topic that kids could relate to and that the book could easily be used in a school or home setting.

Kristen S., VT